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FCEA Member Spotlight: Sharolyn Turnbow


FCEA is proud to present Sharolyn Turnbow, Fulton County Employee, Author and Owner of ShapeUp Kickboxing.


•  Native of Camilla, Georgia

•  B.S. Psychology, Albany State university.
•  MASTERS Public Administration, Albany State university.

•  Pre-Trial Release Officer II, Fulton County Superior Court. 

•  President, Mitchell-Baker Class of ’99.

•  Choir Member, First Baptist Church of Atlanta.

•  Author: Carleigh’s Cry, “The Child in the Middle” Ch 1 & 2. 

•  Owner, SHAPEUP KICKBOXING, Loganville, Georgia

Sharolyn Turnbow’s focus and passions are helping people through community involvement and establishing healthy and positive transitions for youths.

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Heading 4

Welcome Fulton County Employee’s Association Members,

I am honored to serve as your 2022-2024 President and promise to listen and work hard for the Association.  I look forward to working with the Executive Board, leadership team and each of you to help implement quality initiatives that will continue to inspire innovative events. First and foremost, I passionately thank each of you for your membership in this Association. Membership is by far essential to the success of our organization.


Staying connected and maintaining open communication between all of us are essential factors to guarantee that our membership continues to grow and increase.  


This is our association, and we will move it forward together. 


In Service,

Jori Smith-Mann


Fulton County Employees’ Association

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